SC500 STREETCATCHER - 6/8-71 Blower Scoop
SC500-177 Weiand 142 thru 177 Blower scoop
SC500 250-256 Holley Weiand 250/256 Blower Scoop
SC510 STREETCATCHER - Single Carb Scoop
SC510-D Single Dominator 4500 Street Scoop
SC520 STREETCATCHER - Dual Carb Scoop
SC52-D Dual Dominator 4500 Blower Scoop
IN600 STREETINDUCTION - Injection Style Intake
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Super Quality Enderle 'Birdcatcher' Style Butterfly Scoop

For Dual Holley 4500 Dominator and King Demon carbs

Suits fixed 8 3/4 Center to Center Carb Spacing only

Complete with Mounting Hardware - Sorry No Filters

Can be ordered in Red, Blue, Silver or Black Butterflies

Choose Classic 'Round' or 'Barndoor' Style Butterflies

Super Clean integrally Cast and fully CNC machined front

STREETCATCHER is now available to mount directly to dual 4500 HOLLEY DOMINATOR or KING DEMON carburetor setups for Supercharged or for Normally Aspirated applications where the carburetors are mounted sideways on a fixed 8 3/4" Center to Center spacing.
The 8 3/4" Carburetor Center to Center spacing is pretty much the standard spacing as used on most 6-71 thru 14-71 Dual Carburetor Blower adapters for Dual Dominators.
The SC520D STREETCATCHER can be mounted onto any blower that uses a BDS Pt No 24B6G, Holley Pt No- 7165 or 'The Blower Shop' Pt No 4305 Carburetor Adapter.
The Scoop comes with mounting hardware but unfortunately there are no filters with this kit, the large 7 1/4" size of the Carb necks on the Dominators eliminate any seat area for air filter elements

Based on Enderles famous 'Birdcatcher' injector, the SC520D STREETCATCHER narrows at the back like a real Injector and is designed for Serious Rodders running their Dual 4500 Holley Dominators or the equally impressive Barry Grant King Demon carburetors.

With Classic 'Round' or 'Barndoor' style butterflies and availability in 4 colors makes the choices all yours

Not only is the STREETCATCHER the best looking scoop on the market today, it is also designed to be totally versatile.
The nice thing about the STREETCATCHER is that it is designed to accept the three different base kits, so if you want to change applications, you donít need to buy another Scoop you just need to order the appropriate base kit.
SC500 - 6-71 Blower Scoop
The SC500 STREETCATCHER is designed to fit directly onto the 6-71 blowers, the base plate bolts directly to any blower with a 6-71 bolt pattern and the scoop body then fits down over and encloses a Holley double pumper carb and air filter inside.

SC510 - Top Mounted Single 4bbl Scoop
The SC510 STREETCATCHER is for rodders who have a single four barrel engine and want a super quality top mounted single four barrel butterfly scoop. The base adapter and hardware is supplied to fit directly to Holley, Edelbrock Performer and Carter AFB carburetors , but could also easily be mounted to pretty much any 5 1/8" neck carb including spread bores.
IN600 - Bolts over a single 4bbl carb
The IN600 STREETINDUCTION is a super quality dummy injector that bolts over and encloses your single 4bbl squarebore Holley or Edelbrock Performer carburetor .
Because the STREET INDUCTION is designed primarily around the carburetor, it's universal application is not limited by the style of manifold and engine brand.
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