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This Kit includes a 'Blower Shop' Cast Case Small Rotor 8-71Blower, TBS Polished Blower manifold with backfire valve, TBS Billet 8mm Drive system any ratio, 1 or 2 Vee accessory drive pulley.

A standard everyday 671 is 411 cubic inches per revolution although there is a small rotor 671which is 337 cubic inches per revolution and you cant tell the difference by looking at them. In street and mild street strip these small rotor 8-71's are 360 cubic inches per revolution and will provide better low end and mid range response than a larger blower slowed down.

To help put Blower sizes in perspective a std bore every day large bore 671 is 411 cubic inches per revolution and to help even more the blower shop will supply their smaller 250 cubic inch blowers in their street Big Block Chevy kits and run them on Big Block Chevy engines up to 540 cubic inches in size. These blowers are sized better in 300 to 400 cid street applications and will give sharper engine response mid range power and economy.

Info: Contact (AL) Alan Shadwick

Als Blower Drives

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